Famille Paetzold, créateur des cuves en verre
Michael Paetzold, créateur de la cuve en verre Wineglobe


An oenologist by training, Michael Paetzold is a scientist,
a vigneron, and the founder of an oenotechnical company
with an innovation capability unique in France.
Named Man of the Year 2019 by the Bettane+Desseauve guide,
he has for nearly 30 years been inventing solutions to help
wine live well and drive progress in the wine world.

Marie Paetzold, Directrice du projet de la cuve en verre Wineglobe


After a business-school degree and a university wine-tasting diploma, she lead our projects and particularly the marketing part.

Alexis Paetzold, Responsable production contenant en verre


Trained in the art of glassmaking at CERFAV (European Centre for Glass Arts Research and Training), he now runs the production of our œnological solutions.

Paul Paetzold, bientôt dans l'équipe verre


An agronomic engineer in the making, he will join the team soon!


Startup Famille Paetzold

With the children now on board, the Paetzold company has grown, yet it remains committed to the quality of work and culture of achievement instilled by Michael Paetzold. We created the Famille Paetzold company, a start-up dedicated to oenological innovation. Our tools and solutions are intended to enable every vintner to reach purity and feeling in his/her wine.

We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs by creating tailored and fine-tuned solutions. We commit our expertise to accompanying them on various legs of their journey.

Vision & Concept

« In the beginning, I made an observation that many vignerons make. We all do lots of work in the vineyard to get the grapes we want, with the desired ripeness. And then we entrust this fruit, which we deem to be perfect, to containers that are imperfect. This prompts several questions: what is the perfect vat or barrel? What is its purpose? And to make wine, why use a material di-erent from the one we choose for cellaring it… and drinking it?
WINEGLOBE stems from these reflections, shared with a group of growers who, like me, are passionate about this topic. Having succeeded together in making the first glass vat in winemaking history is magical in itself. But there is something more magical still: what flows from this pure relationship between glass and wine. The estates that have tested WINEGLOBE, and now enjoy a three-year overview of their experience, find that this container is where their wine thrives best, with a near-perfect harmony. I now wish that other vignerons and estates will test WINEGLOBE, and see for themselves its extraordinary potential for both vinification and ageing.

Michael Paetzold,
creator of Wineglobe

Wineglobe, la cuve en verre de la Famille Paetzold


Our ability to innovate relies on extensive scientific, technical and hands-on consideration. Based on 10 years of research and R&D as to the influence of vessels, oxygen and wood on the elegance of wine, Famille Paetzold is now launching major new solutions to provide feeling and finesse in order to enhance the way wine can express itself.